Welcome to my Home

Welcome to A Life with a Little! I’m Rachel, and this is the place where I’ll share more about my life, faith, and journey to discover how my different roles relate to one another. It’s a place for women to relax, take a load off, and maybe be inspired.

I’m not an expert by any means in being a mom. In fact, I’m a very new mom who has more questions than answers most of the time. I hope, though, that I can offer some ideas for other new moms about how to handle motherhood. I’d like to believe we can all do better together, so I look forward to learning from you, too!

A Life with a Little is my domain for a few reasons. The first and most obvious one is because I have a “little” of my own. My husband and I have been calling our son “Little” since before he was born, and the name has stuck. It’s a term of endearment, and we adore our Little.

This is our Little! His name is Emmeric.

The other reason I chose this name is because we are in a position of having “little.” We have plenty of some things but not even close to enough of others. I don’t say this to garner pity, though, because I’m learning how to embrace my little.

I want this to be a place where we learn to make much of our little, and I’m hoping to share more inspiration on how to do just that. As an American who has grown up comfortably in the middle class, I know how easy it is to take things for granted. A Life with a Little is a place to look at my little and see how it really is “much” instead.

I tend toward comparison and envy when I look around me, and that is my flaw that I own. I want to go on a journey of making much of my little so that I can slowly learn to be content with what I have.

Life is never easy. I’m in a season of life that is hard and full of waiting, praying, and looking to God for my provision. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I’ve never felt as blessed as I do right now.

If you feel like you’re in a valley, I hope you’ll come back and visit me here to see how God can lift you up from that place of despair. Even in the darkness, there’s a light that shines and shows us the way out. Perhaps I’m a bit presumptuous because I’m in no great position myself, but I think God has gifted us all with something that sets us apart. For me, I believe He’s gifted me with a voice to share with women who are hurting.

So once again, welcome to my little! Come make much with me and share your heart with me. I promise to be open, vulnerable, and real with you. Welcome, friends!