Spring Cleaning for the Lightweight | Spring Cleaning | Challenge

Depression & the Home: Spring Cleaning for the Lightweight

Y’all are in for a treat today! We’ve been talking about doing some serious spring cleaning, and you’ve seen my awesome success after I started working on my own home. Well…now it’s your turn! That’s right, today I’m going to put you to work on a spring cleaning challenge I designed just for you!

You’re probably thinking, “Rachel, ain’t nobody got time for that around here.” Trust me, I thought the same thing. And then I broke it down into something smaller and more manageable. There’s that saying about eating an elephant. Remember it?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I want to challenge you to do some spring cleaning with me because of the benefits it will bring you. So let me break it down for you.

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Your home will smell better.

I noticed this myself as I started cleaning things up. Now I realize your home might smell amazing because of candles or essential oils or the amazing foods you cook daily, and that’s great. But the air will smell fresher in your house the moment you get at least one room cleaned up, and you’ll notice. My house started feeling stuffy after a while because of all the clutter being everywhere, but when I cleaned up just in my bedroom, I started noticing an airy, nicer scent in the room.

You’ll enjoy being home more.

I hated being at home, and this is coming from a SAHM. I wanted nothing more than to get out, and Daniel wanted nothing more than to chill out! The problem there was we have little money to go out with in the first place, and part of me wanted some retail therapy to drown out the ugly that was my home. Cleaning up really can make your home more of a sanctuary for you to enjoy, even if you take your time and do a little each day. You’ll notice you’re happier in the home when you’ve managed the mess a bit.

You’ll save money.

Stay with me on this one. How many of you look around your home, see the mess, and immediately want to go out to get away from it all? If you do, you’re probably not going to the park for a walk as much as you’re going to the store to buy something to make yourself feel better. Am I right? And what about the number of times you need something you know you have in your home and can’t find it? You go out and buy a new one. Now, maybe you’ll use the one at home when you find it, or maybe you won’t. But knowing where things are in your home will definitely save you money.

You’ll enjoy company more.

I find myself looking around my living room in dismay whenever we have company. Why? Because there’s stuff everywhere and I feel ashamed. I notice the baby clothes I forgot to drop in the laundry basket, the dishes piled up on the bookshelves that are still covered in food remnants, and the dog fur clumped in corners of the room. It’s gross, and I feel embarrassed for friends and family to see my home like this. I want my home to feel tidy and put together with themes, colors, and décor that makes it inviting and warm. I don’t want to constantly be noticing things I missed in my 10-minutes of tidying before someone showed up! I think tidying allows me to enjoy my company rather than focus on myself and my mess.

You’ll have more time!

Last but not least, this one is huge! Think about it: when your clutter is gone, you have less to clean when you get started on that. So you can run the vacuum, sweep the floors, dust, and voila! With less stuff in the house, you’ll have space and time to get things done that matter to you rather than having to dread cleaning up because it will take hours of time away from the things you’d rather be doing.

Are you convinced yet?

Spring Cleaning for the Lightweight | Spring Cleaning | Challenge

The Spring Cleaning for the Lightweight Challenge starts today. You can sign up for the challenge at the end of this post, and you’ll get your first email immediately. Notice I said this challenge is for the lightweight.

Why is that? Because I’m a total lightweight when it comes to cleaning. I don’t want to dust every surface, wipe down the baseboards, wash all the windows inside and out, and beat the rugs to death. If that’s the spring cleaning you’re looking for, you might want to try this post instead.

And hold onto your hats because Wednesday I’m sharing a round-up of some of the best spring cleaning posts I’ve found on Pinterest! (If you’re not following me on Pinterest, come follow me! I share loads of great things there all the time.) If you want to really delve into a deep clean, Wednesday’s post will give you checklists, challenges, tools, and tips, all conveniently collected in one place.

All that aside, I am a lightweight when it comes to cleaning. I burn out fast and have to motivate myself in bursts of time. That’s why I created this challenge. I want to give you something that’s actionable, doable, and workable. I think anyone can tackle this challenge and use it to motivate yourself for working on the rest of your house.

Wait, what? Did you say the rest of the house? That’s right, awesome reader. I said the rest of the house.

Here’s the deal: the Spring Cleaning for the Lightweight Challenge is only a seven day challenge where you’re going to pick and choose what you want to get accomplished in a week’s time. We’re not gunning for the whole house. We’re gunning for cleaning the things that will make you the happiest in the shortest amount of time.

If you’re happy, you’ll feel much more motivated to take your cleaning to the rest of the house, right? And even if you don’t, having a few places tidy will lift your spirits regardless. So it’s a win-win situation.

I worked at this challenge all last week, and it’s still going on in my house. I have a few more rooms to finish working my way through before I settle into my freshly cleaned home. But so far, it’s made me more productive, given me a newer appreciation for the things I own, and helped me find things I thought were lost! (Isn’t that sad? I found some craft supplies I thought were long gone, and it made my heart so happy!)

So, what are we going to do this week? We’re going to start this spring cleaning challenge and see how far we get! I’ll go ahead and share my goals for the week with you so you know you’re not alone.

My Goals:

Finish cleaning my kitchen.

My kitchen terrifies me, y’all. I have fought with this kitchen almost from the time we moved in here four years ago. We received so many things as wedding gifts and purchased more items all for the kitchen to the point the cabinets have been bursting to overflowing. I have the goal of completing the tidying in there and collecting a few more items to put in my next garage sale.

Pull everything out of my closet.

I started this last week and didn’t quite finish it. And after talking about becoming a finisher, I realized I need to practice what I preach! So I’ll pull out the rest of the things in my closet (really just the boxes in the floor of the closet) and decide what I can declutter, sell, rehome, or organize to get my closet perfectly organized.

Clean the living room.

This I’m going to do in three steps since I haven’t started in this room yet. I’m going to work on: the couch and coffee table, the big bookshelf, and the smaller bookshelf. If I focus on these areas individually and use my time wisely, I’m sure I can get them knocked out this week and to a place I like.

I’ll be sharing my results at the end of the week before we move on from this series on Depression & the Home. I hope you’ll stick with me through the end of the series and see the results of all my hard work. And take a look at my challenge, too! You might enjoy seeing how your own home can change a little in just seven days!

The last exciting piece of news I have for you today is that with the advent of this spring cleaning challenge, I’m also starting up an email newsletter! You’ll definitely want to sign up to keep track of the great things we’re doing here at A Life With A Little as well as all the extras and freebies I’ll be sending your way. So if you want to go ahead and sign up for the weekly newsletter, check out my sidebar link and sign up now! I promise I’ll never spam you with unwanted junk, and you’re always welcome to opt out of future newsletters!

All right, awesome reader, what are you waiting for? Sign up for that spring cleaning challenge below! And tell me what areas of the house you’re most interested in cleaning up in the comments!