The Greatest List of Summer Must Reads

Hello, hello, my lovely friends! I want to start off by apologizing for not posting this on Monday! It was a long weekend of fun, and on Monday, I started feeling kinda rough and had a massive headache. No excuse, I know, but I wanted to explain a bit before diving into today’s amazing post!

I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing mom bloggers, and we’re sharing a round-up of our best must-read blog posts for summer! We have your major summer categories covered, including summer recipes to try, activities for the kids at home, and activities to go out and enjoy with your family. Today I’m sharing with you all these great posts, and I hope you’ll give them a look because these ladies are some of my newfound mom friends who just want to share life with one another and with you! So with no further ado…

The Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Round Up | Summer | Summer Activities with Kids


Let’s go! We’ll start with our first subject…


Easy Peasy Pinwheels | A Boy And His Mom

With summer parties and BBQs in full swing, here’s an easy recipe that the other guests will not only enjoy but ask you to bring again and again.

Easy Peasy Pinwheels | Greatest Summer List of Must Reads | Summer Recipes


Quick and Easy Freezer Pops | Happily Ever Hauser

Summer is here!! This means celebrations, birthday parties, BBQs and more! Here’s a quick and easy party favor idea to add to your next summer gathering!

Freezer Pops | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Recipes


Summer Italian Treat: Affogato | Viva la Dolce

The summer is here and that means sunshine and lots of gelato (ice cream)! Check out this delicious recipe for an Italian twist on the classic summer treat!

Summer Italian Treat Affogato | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Treat


Summer Crab Salad Recipe | Ordinary Stephanie

Summer is here and the temperatures are already rising!! If you are looking for a yummy and fresh salad recipe check out this one out! After all, who wants to turn on the oven or stove on these hot summer days? Enjoy!

Summer Crab Salad | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Recipes


Summer Activities

Disneyland Time-Saving Tips from a Local Mom | Mom and Carrot

Are you heading to the Disneyland resort this summer? Here are great tips from a local mom for seeing the resort when you are short on time, including how to beat food lines and how to go through security check-points quicker. This post will help you see more and do more on your next trip!

Disneyland Tips | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Activities


Minimalistic Beach Days | Live Love Learn Gracefully

Whether you live at the beach or visit one throughout the summer, beach days are a blast on hot summer days! If you add kids to the mix, you’ll more than likely be taking everything but the kitchen sink with you! Here are some tips and my top 5 favorite things to take to the beach!

Minimalistic Beach Days | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Activities


Disney Summer Play Days | New Adventures in Mommyhood

The summer is a great time to take on new adventures and try some new activities; specially as the kiddos start to get restless. Did you know that the Disney Store offers a free annual summer long weekly event?

Read all about it by clicking the picture.

Disney Play Days | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Activities


5 Things to Research Before You Head Out This Summer | A Life with a Little

This summer means fun in the sun, barbecues and hot dogs, cool drinks, exploring with the kids, and enjoying some much needed relaxation. But before you get out in the sun, check out this list of 5 things you should research BEFORE you head out on your summer plans! Here are 5 things you might not think to research about the places you’ll go, so give it a look and see what you need to think about before the kids drag you out of the house!

Summer Lovin' | 5 Things You Need To Research Before Summer Activities | Summer Activities | Kids Activities


Fun Activities at Home

#PayFunForward Summer Fun – Surprise Packs | Travels With Tot

Summer is finally here and it’s a great time to spread some cheer around your neighborhood! Here’s how we did it and how you can, too!

PayFunForward | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Activities


Summer Activities for Kids at Home | Jesus and Wine

Summer is officially here, and we’re celebrating by listing 10 different summer activities you can do with your kids at home this summer! The best part? They’re inexpensive, involve little prep work, and they’re great for kids of any age! Keep your kids entertained and enjoying summer with these fun activities!

Summer Activities at Home | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Activities


Top 5 Best Water & Sensory Tables of 2017 | Little Bit of Learning

It’s hard to stay cool during the summer and keep your kids actively engaged in play. That’s why I love these water tables! Your porch will be the hit this summer with these engaging water tables plus some ideas for great sensory add-ons!

Water & Sensory Tables | Greatest List of Summer Must Reads | Summer Activities


And there you have it! The best little summer must read list for you and your family. Remember, if you liked any of these blog posts, please go Pin them on your Pinterest boards from that post and not from this round up. That way my mama friends can get a little credit for their great content!

I’m looking forward to sharing some new things with you soon, so stick around as I try to ramp up to some fun and exciting things on my schedule!