Super Summer Flash Sale: Ultimate Photography Bundle

Summer Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale!

This blog post contains affiliate marketing links. That means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will get a small commission. Please see my full disclosure here.

Hello, hello, my friends! I want to share a little about a new flash sale going on Monday and Tuesday only! It’s a photography bundle from my friends over at Ultimate Bundles, and they are amazing at putting together fantastic bundled products for a low rate. This particular photography bundle looks fantastic for the aspiring photographer or amateur wishing to hone her skills.

So here’s the deal: I’m not much of a photographer. Honest. You can look at my photos and tell I’m using my iPhone with whatever natural lighting I get in my apartment. I don’t really edit the photos because, let’s be real here, I have no clue how to do it. This photography bundle includes resources even for total amateurs like me, which I think is pretty amazing.

Since this is pretty much the first time I’m sharing about bundles, let me break down what they are and how they work. This is a flash sale, first of all, so it’s very time specific. It opens Monday, July 10th at midnight and closes Tuesday, July 11th at 11:59 pm EST. So if you are interested, grab it while you can!

Summer Ultimate Photography Flash Sale | Photography | Become a photographer | Photography Composition
Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside this Ultimate Bundles package! (This is great if you’re like me and have no clue how to do composition!)

Here are the big, important details about the Ulltimate Photography Bundle:

Dates: Midnight Monday, July 10th-11:59 pmTuesday, July 11th

Price: $97 (Yes, I know – pricy – we’ll talk about that in a minute)

Place to Buy: (link goes live midnight Monday) here

Now, what’s in this bundle?

This is what you really want to know about, right? I’ll give you the totals of every item and then break down each one for you.

First, you get 41 total resources from 32 amazing photography experts! That is a LOT of value packed into one bundle.

What You Get:

  • 10 eCourses
  • 4 Video Trainings
  • 16 eBooks
  • 11 Interactive Tools
  • 10 Bonuses (both virtual and physical!)

Total Value: $4,000+

Whoa, That’s a Big Number!

Yes, yes, it is. And there’s a reason for it. These products have been gathered from some amazing photographers who you can read about on this page. The bundle includes tools to help you regardless of your level, and it covers topics you need as a photographer.

Super Summer Flash Sale: Ultimate Photography Bundle
Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get in this bundle.

Some of the topics include:

  • Niche Photography
  • Lighting
  • Wedding Photography
  • Inspiration & Style
  • Editing
  • Family Photography
  • The Business of Photography
  • Camera Essentials
  • …and more!

Because I’m an affiliate with Ultimate Bundles, I’ve had a chance to look over some of the products included in this photography bundle. This is a lot of product in one package, and some of the best parts of it are the various classes that normally cost between $175-200 each.

Summer Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale | Cameras | Photography | Photographic Editing

But why the sales pitch?

Now I know you’re reading this thinking, “Gee, Rachel, I never knew you were going to go all salesy on me.” I’m not, not really. I’m actually writing this for the people out there who want to get into photography, the people who want to start their own business and don’t have the resources to get training.

Why? Because I started this blog in the hopes of growing my own business organically. I began researching blogging as a business and social media marketing and all the different topics that might eventually help me earn money from this blog. You would not believe all the resources out there for bloggers. A simple Pinterest search reveals hundreds of classes you can take to help you become a money-making machine.

The problem I have is that most of these courses aren’t nearly affordable enough for me. I began poking around online and found some fabulous sounding blogging and social media marketing courses that I’d love to take. The only drawback is that I don’t have several hundred to several thousand dollars on hand to just throw out at these courses.

This Ultimate Photography Bundle is a dream for people wishing to become photographers. I looked at the individual pricing of these items, and I believe it really is a steal of a deal. For what you pay, you get a package jam-packed with valuable resources and tools, and you can potentially make your money back just by going through a few courses and books and learning how to market your own business.

I share this with you because I think it’s important to try to help each other out when we can. Yes, if you make a purchase of this bundle from one of my links, I get a commission and it helps me financially. So it’s not completely philanthropical. But you know what? I think we can help each other out without feeling jealousy over one another’s successes.

Summer Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale | Photography | Family Photography | Learn to be a Photographer
Here are some of the courses you get on family photography.

So who is this bundle for?

This bundle is for you if you…

  • Like photography and want to learn some skills.
  • Have a fancy DSLR camera you have no clue how to use.
  • Want to take your photography to the next level but don’t know how.
  • Wish you could start your own photography business.
  • Need help figuring out the editing or business side of photography.

This bundle is not for you if you…

  • Don’t own a fancy camera and don’t particularly care how good your smart phone camera is.
  • Want to be an amateur photographer without spending money on training.
  • Hate taking pictures.
  • Have a fulfilling job and would rather pay someone else to take family photos.
  • Want to start a business but not a photography business.
Summer Ultimate Photography Bundle Flash Sale | Photography | Start a photography business
Interested in starting your own photography business? This bundle has you covered.

In short, the Ultimate Photography Bundle has a lot of value for a small price. You can get more information from any of my links in this post (yes, shameless plug), but if you aren’t interested in it, feel free to write off this blog post as a one-off.

My next post will be right back to my parenting series, and I know it’ll be a bit more personal and full of insight for you. So don’t worry about another salesy post because this is it! See? Was that really so bad? And if you know some aspiring photographers, feel free to share this post with them so they can get a great deal on photography resources!


P.S. Want to join Ultimate Bundles as an affiliate? You can do that, too! They have some amazing bundles that are always on sale as well as more exciting ones coming up in the next months. Feel free to join them today with this (yes, affiliate!) link!

P.P.S. Yes, I had way too much fun with the images today! And that’s cause they’re all provided by Ultimate Bundles!