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Welcome to my page on essential oils! I hope you will find yourself right at home here and be able to learn more about what these little miracles can do for you. I am an independent distributor for Young Living, an essential oils company you might have seen floating around the wide blogosphere.

What is Young Living?

Young Living is a health and wellness company. They are based out of Utah, and they own and operate farms around the world where they plant, grow, and harvest essential oils. Young Living has been in the business of essential oils for a long time and are considered experts on the distillation of oils.

If you’re interested in more information about the company and their processes, you can find that here. They explain it much better than I can.

What I’m here to share is a little about how essential oils have changed my life and are an important part of my day.

The biggest thing you should know about essential oils is they are not intended to treat disease. Yes, essential oils have been used for alternative medicine, but Young Living oils are not for use in the treatment of disease. If you are interested in alternative uses for essential oils, you should consult a naturopath, alternative medicine doctor, homeopathic doctor, or some other healthcare professional. I am not a healthcare professional and cannot and will not advise anyone to use essential oils outside of their directed uses.

Phew! That’s the tough stuff out of the way. Now onto the fun stuff!

Essential oils have been used for years in fragrance, and there’s great reason for that: they smell fantastic! Not all essential oils are the same, so if you’re interested in purity, do your research! I chose Young Living because of their commitment to purity and ethical practices as well as their status as a U.S. company. I believe they honestly work hard to provide pure therapeutic essential oils for people to use.

Essential Oils | Young Living | How to use essential oils
Essential oils make our lives happy and our home smell good!

What ways can you use essential oils?

The three main ways to use essential oils are aromatically, topically, and internally.

Aromatically: Oils can be smelled and have great effects when they are diffused in an oil diffuser (like this one). You can put drops of an oil on a cotton ball and put it in vents or in your car. You can put drops of oils on your pillow for helping you sleep. There are so many ways to use oils aromatically that benefit your body and mind.

Topically: Applying oils topically to the skin works in ways we still don’t fully understand. We know that applying oils to your skin can affect mood, help to balance emotions, and promote energy or relaxation. One caveat here is to make sure you are diluting the oils appropriately in a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. Always check labels to see how to properly dilute an oil.

Internally: Taking oils internally can assist you in different ways, but you must be careful. Young Living recently introduced the Vitality line of oils that are safe for consumption. I have seen these oils used in baking, cooking, and in teas. The great thing is that internal oils can also substitute for herbs in your cooking, for example, oregano or basil essential oils can do the work of their fresh or dry counterparts.

How do I get essential oils?

If you’re interested in purchasing Young Living oils, you have a couple options for doing that.

First: you can purchase the oils as a customer. Young Living is set up as a multi-level marketing organization, which means you need a sponsor to allow you to purchase oils. You can go to this page and sign up as a customer under me (member ID: 2282695) by selecting the Retail Customer box and following the prompts.

Second: you can purchase the oils as a distributor. Distributors receive their oils at wholesale prices instead of retail prices, and that is a 24% discount off retail. Distributors are not locked into selling the oils, so if you just want discounted oils, this is a great option.

As a distributor, you also need a sponsor. I would be honored to be your sponsor if you choose to purchase oils. You can go to this page and check out the fantastic starter kits for becoming a distributor. The Premium Starter Kit, pictured below, is by far the most popular option for distributors. It includes a sampling of the regular oils as well as oils in the Vitality collection that are approved for internal use. You also receive an oil diffuser, which is a great way to get started using oils as well as a few other stellar products. I started my own essential oil journey with this kit and cannot recommend it enough.

Essential Oils | Young Living Starter Kit
This photo and everything in it are copyright of Young Living – the Premium Starter Kit has so many amazing items!

Once you’ve chosen the option you prefer, you can click the link at the bottom of that kit’s page and sign up for Young Living. When it asks who introduced you to Young Living, you can select the option that asks for your sponsor’s ID number and enter mine (2282695) when asked for both sponsor and enroller. Go through the remaining options and choose your shipping method for your starter kit. Then you’ll be able to enjoy essential oils from Young Living at a fraction of the price of retail customers!

If you do sign up for Young Living through me, please email me, and I’ll get you added to my team’s private page on Facebook where you can ask questions about the oils and learn more about how to use them. We offer great support for our members so that you can get all the information you need whether you want to use them just for yourself or plan to start your own Young Living business.

Quick Sign-Up

I’ve included two links below if you’re interested in signing up as a customer or distributor. Simply select the link for the type of sign-up you’d like, click, and fill in your information. It’s that easy!

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